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Slitting Machines - WebFlex Machines is reputed as the best Slitting Machine manufacturers and Surface Slitting Rewinding Machine is the popular machine. This Slitting Rewinding Machine is suitable for slitting packing rolling materials such as Paper, Polyester, Label stock, BOPP, etc.

We offer range of Slitting Rewinding Machine such as Standard Slitting Rewinding Machine,Surface Rewind Slitting Rewinding Machine, 3 drive slitting rewinding machine, Inspection Doctoring Rewinding machine, Cling Film Rewinding Machine and Re-rewinding Machine / House Foil Rewinding Machine.

Applications of Surface Slitting Rewinding Machine:

Surface Slitting Rewinding Machine is suitable for slitting packing rolling materials such as paper, Polyester, Label stock, BOPP, OPP, PET, seals, cigarette case seals, and PE etc. This range was developed to handle particularty difficult materials while ensuring maximum productivity. It is ideal for coated, metallised and carbonless papers, Non-woven and low tensile strength webs and can support a narrow slit width. The centre surface rewind drive combination provides the ultimate in tension control an reel wind quality. Surface winder for rools from bigger width to smaller widths. This machine is equiped with auto edge correction, the main motor adopts variable DC speed regulating, brake tensionj controller on unwinding device, the advantages of compact structure, steady running, easy operations etc.

PERFORMANCE AND FEATURES OF Surface Slitting Rewind Machine:

1. This versatile unit provides flexible applications for vareity material, such as paper, foil, films, laminates materials.

2. Trolley unwind stand with shaft.

3. Circular knife & Razor Slitting system

4. Easy accessability to all operational systems at operators ease for reduced downtime and make ready.

5. Optional Auto tension control, Air expansion shafts, Safety chucks, Edge guiding system & Hydraulic material handling system at unwind.

6. Surface winding, pressure adjustable or centre winding with gap.

7. DC Variable speed drive. the main motor adopts DC variable speed regulating.

8. Unwinding adopts brake tension and automatic deviation-rectifying (DPC).

9. Material rolling adopts dead-weight type surface rolling.

10. Ventury type trim collection arrangement with blower.

11. Individual friction drive for duplex winder.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS of Surface Slitting Rewinding Machine:

  Working Width:


  Roller Width:


  Max. Unwind dia


  Max. Winding dia Surface


  Slit Width

  25mm upwards

  Mechanical Speed

  180 mets.min

  Working Speed

  Variable upto 150mtrs/min.

  Floor Space

  14ft. x 12ft.

  Power required


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