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Webflex Machines is popular manufacturer and exporter of Laminated Foil Printing Machine from India.

Salient Features of Laminated Foil Printing Machine:

Unwind: In this unit ball bearing assembly is incorporated to place a shaft with tapered reel cones so as to accept standard cores. For easy operation lateral displacement is provided with mechanical clutch, idle rollers helps in perfect web tension. We provide if required as an option, Web Aligners and Tension controller with edge sensor to control brake mounted on trolley.

Construction of Laminated Foil Printing Machine: We have constructed this machine using molded CI frames of total thickness of 70mm with wall thickness of 25mm to endure tolerances due to inter connected cross beam and tie rods and ensure vibration free performance. Unit of Laminated Foil Printed Machine consists of printing cylinder shaft, mechanical or pneumatic impression roll, doctor knife, hot air dryers, compensating roll, ink pan, idlers, drying unit, etc.

RUBBER ROLL IMPRESSION: Free Printing pressure roll of NBR of diameter 150mm and hardness 65-70 is encapsulated by pneumatic cylinder with left and right pressure regulators. Air cylinders of 65 diameter x 100 strokes and Rubber roll hollow type with both end bearing are mounted.

Laminated Foil Printing unit consists of cylinder unit, impression rollers and doctor blade unit and these can be easily removed to change or clean and ready to use. Doctor blade holder is made in a way so that it can easily be removed for sharpening and replaced again with blades. Oscillating doctor knife position and angle of our laminated foil printing machine is adjustable as suitable to the diameter of printing cylinders. The units of blades have devices for oscillation and change of angles of blade are designed to suit diameter of cylinders.

The impression cylinder of Laminated Foil Printing Machine is made of rubber and is precision ground and is free on bearing so that it is able to give perfect impression, and this can be attached or detached from operating side after presetting.

The web width of this Laminating Foil Printing Machine is 200m to 1000mm and max unwind diameter is 600mm. Printing speed is 80 to 120 meters per minute. Maximum Cylinder Diameter is 200mm and minimum cylinder diameter is 100mm. Unwind Weight range is 250 kgs to 400 kgs. The minimum core Id we provide is 76mm and maximum core id is 150mm (last option is based on customer’s requirement)

We also offer Blister Foil Printing Machine and Alu Alu Foil Printing Machine.


Since 1987 WEB FLEX MACHINES have thrived & flourished amidst cut-throat competition. Made mark in the National & International market. Superior quality Flexible Packaging Machines. Suit different need, budgets & constraints. Indigenously designed by well qualified engineers. Reliable, accurate and cost-effective. A league ahead of any existing reputed brand. Simple designs, user friendly technology, wide range. Unparalleled after sales services. Used widely in India and in other countries from Asia, Middle East & Africa. Installation & commission anywhere in the world by Web Flex representatives.


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