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    We manufacture Hot Melt Lamination Machine from best metal and alloy and this Laminating Machine is used for hot melt adhesive coating on various films. 

    Features of Hot Melt Lamination Machine manufactured by Webflex Machines:

    Designed Hot Melt Coater & laminator of specially hot melt adhesives on flexible subtracts / films.

  • This Laminating Machine is compact, sturdy, has modular construction with integrated unwind & rewind units, coating lamination, controls etc. grouped for ease of operation.

  • Unwind units are equipped with mechanical features for EPC & tension.

  • Coating / Lamination unit of Hot Melt Laminating Machine consists of :

    1. • In feed

    2. • Retractable application and breast roll

    3. • Laminating Roll

    4. • Hot melt pre-melting system applicator

  • Pneumatics: Engagements of in feed, lamination and hot melt application are pneumatically controlled/activated.

  • Drives: Hot Melt Laminating Machine is equipped with Synchronised DC drives for main as well as rewind drive.

  • We look forward to your valued enquiry of HOT MELT LAMINATING MACHINE.


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