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"Slitter Machine - High-Speed Slitting Machine". WebFlex Machines manufactures High-Speed Slitter Rewinders known as High-Speed Slitting Rewinding Machine.

SLITTING MACHINE MODEL:WEBslid-300 for Slitting & Rewinding Printed or Unprinted Flexible Laminates such as PET/PE, PET/MET, PET/PE, PET/AL.FOIL/PE, BOPP/PE etc and films

SHAFTLESS FLOATING UNWIND: Floating unwind stand with linear motion guide & threaded spindle allows the robotic arms to hold the parent roll having various web width. Pneumatic reverse acting core chucks allow gripping the parent rolls core having I.D. 76mm or 150mm with just replacing adaptors.

DIGITAL WEB GUIDING: This system ensures precision ali9gnment of the web entering the Nip/Pull unit. The web is guided by edge of printed (continuous or broken) lines with contrast scanning.

UNWIND TENSION CONTROL OF SLITTING MACHINE:- Particle/Pneumatic Brake of this Slitting Machine is equipped with load cells to maintain precise tension throughout the reeel run up to the core diameter.

DRAW PULL UNIT: Draw roller with pneumatically controlled rubber coated nip roll driven by A/C digital drive. The draw unit pulls the substrates from unwind and similtaneously isolates the web tension between unwind and rewind.

SLITTING UNIT of HIGH-SPEED SLITTER REWINDER: Slitting unit consists of one grooved roller wihich is positive/force driven and is located in such a way for easy inspection of slitting operations.

DUPLEX REWINDER WITH DIFFERENTIAL WINDING SYSTEM: This slitting machine is equipped with two differential shafts with pneumatically operated shafts supporting arms. It consists of the center shaft, inflatable tubes, and ball type expandable elements. Differential shafts ensures best quality of winding. Its direction for winding can be changed by change of setting in control panel. Roll extracting % unloading side swivel arm is provided for easy & safe handling of the finished roll as well as it supports to cantilevered differential shafts.

TRIM COLLECTION: High presure Ventury Blower is equiped for removal of side trimming.

DRIVES SYSTEM: AC Digital drive system with operator friendly interface control panel.

OPTIONAL: Laser Line Core Positioning system. Rubber/Cork Coated idler rollers. Circular Cutter. Shafted unwinder, Static Eliminator, Hydraulic Floor Lift for Loading of Heavy Parent rolls. Φ152mm Rewind shafts.

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