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This LIGHT DUTY Rotogravure Printing Machine has been designed specifically to handle range of printing applications.

Our production house has manufactured high quality Rotogravure Printing Machines. We manufacture Heavy Duty Rotogravure Printing Machine and Light Duty Rotogravure Printing Machine. These machines are state of art production, inspired from the gamut of experience of our excellent research team and developed by our committed production unit. We have priced these printing machines competitively.

The machines we manufacture are known for its robust construction, efficiency in functioning and smooth operations for giving the desired output to customers.


  • Max. Web Width : 500 mm
  • Max. Unwind Dia : 600mm
  • Printing Speed : 80 to 100 Mtrs/Min
  • Max. Cylinder Dia. : 200mm
  • Min. Cylinder Dia. : 100mm
  • Unwind Weight` : 300 Kgs
  • Min. Core ID. : 76 mm
  • Dimensions : L 22’ x W 7.8’ x H 6’ (Approx)

Following are salient features of LIGHT DUTY Rotogravure Printing Machine:

CONSTRUCTION: Moulded CI frames of total thickness of 70 mm with wall thickness of 25 mm duly machined to close tolerances inter connected by cross beam & tie rods for vibration free performance consists of printing cylinder shaft, impression roll, compensating roll, idlers, doctor knife, unit dryers, ink pan, drying unit etc.

UNWIND: This unit consists of ball bearing assembly to accommodate a shaft with tapered reel cones to accept standard cores. Arrangement for lateral displacement with mechanical clutch are provided at such points at operators ease. Sufficient idle rollers are provided to ensure perfect web tension.

PRINTING UNIT: Printing unit of this Light Duty Rotogravure Printing Machine consists of cylinder unit, impression rollers and doctor blade unit which are easily removable for changing, working and for making ready. Doctor blade holder are easily removable for sharpening and replacing blades. Oscillating doctors knife’s position and angle is adjustable according to the dia. of printing cylinders. Fitted on low friction gun metal bushing with mechanical oscillation off the gear box drive All units of blades are equipped with devices for oscillation and change of angles of blade to suit diameter of cylinders. The Rubberized impression cylinder is precision ground and are free on bearing to give perfect impression, which can be engaged or disengaged from operating side after presetting. Reverse printing arrangement on one station is incorporated in the machine.

REGISTER CONTROLS: Mechanical devices for cross as well as lengthwise registration is provided at the operating side to ensure fine register of multi-colour prints at operational speeds while the machine is in operation.

INKING UNIT: Immersion Type Inking System of One No. Stainless Steel Ink Tray on each station duly adjustable in height to cover the full range of printing cylinder Mounted on a horizontal base for easy removal & cleaning operations.

GEAR BOX: Spiral Bevel reduction/oil immersed, fixed at the unit side frame along machine. Mechanical drive for alternate transversal movement of the Doctor blade with adjustable stroke of +/- 9mm. Single Colour Reverse Printing gear box provided on one unit.

REWIND UNIT: Printed web is duly wound on the shaft made of allow steel on a paper core duly locked by tapered cones provided in the shaft. The shaft is mounted on the ball bearing assembly. The rewind shaft is driven by friction clutch mechanical assembly, which controls the web tension on the film, which ensures perfect and tight rewinding without stretching the film. Full width lay on roller to assist rewinding from core to maximum reel diameter.

DRYING CHAMBER: The drying chamber of this Light Duty Rotogravure Printing Machine consists of specifically designed air blowers with built in chambers for heater. Drying chamber is incorporated at each printing unit and the hot air is blown from 1 HP Cap Blower with 6KW heaters channeled to the drier hoods. Specially designed jet nozles are provided to blow air across width of web supported by idlers in Front of the nozzles. The hot air is uniformly blown from the nozzles at different positions resulting in inter-colour as well as complete drying of inks at all operational speeds.

DRIVE: Main drive is by 3 HP DC variable speed motor of reputed make and with DC variable speed control panel consisting of rectifier, voltage indicator, amps meter, re-start interlocking system etc. and is housed on an M.S. Steel cabinet, with all control switch etc. mounted panel for easy operation.

WEB ALIGNER (OPTIONAL): Web Materials are fed from a reel to the machine, processed and then rewound. During these stages various position errors like web offset on reel change, incorrect wound reels, staggered errors or lateral shift during production occurs. These guiding systems are designed to eliminate these positioning errors and they ensure precise web alignment throughout the process. EPC (Edge Position Controls) are provided with power pack electronic controls, pneumatic cylinder, edge sensor, etc at the unwind unit and before rewind unit of either E+L or Reputed make. (Optional)

AUTO TENSION CONTROL (OPTIONAL) : Powder Clutch / Brake driven by AC motor controlled output synchronized with machine through load cell censors, digital tension controllers etc of reputed make. Web tension control is to assure constant tension level between unwind and infeed nip and outfeed nip and winding unit. Constant tension results into uniformly high standards of product quality.

We look forward to your enquiry of Light Duty Rotogravure Printing Machine.


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