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3Drive Slitter Rewinding Machine - WebFlex Machines manufactures and exports 3Drive Slitting Rewinding Machine.

We offer range of Slitting and Rewinding Machines such as Standard Slitting Rewinding Machine,Surface Rewind Slitting Rewinding Machine, Inspection Doctoring Rewinding machine, Cling Film Rewinding Machine and Re-rewinding Machine / House Foil Rewinding Machine.

Following are features of 3Drive Slitting Rewinding Machine:-


A. Trolley Type Fabrication With Heavy Side Frames Moving On Bearing to be provided complete with safety chuck, gears etech spec.

B. Air expanding shafts suitable for 76 mm core ID is provided.

C. Max Unwind Dia : 1000 mm.

D. Max Rewind Dia : 400 mm.

E. Max Unwind Width : 1000 mm

F. Min. Slitting Width : 25 mm.

G. Min Unwind Width : 300 mm

H. Equipped With Edge Guiding System and Tension Control System

IDLERS: Re-Silent Aluminum Idler With End Flanges For Bearings Locked On Zinc Plated, Tie Bars. The Rolls Are Dynamically Balanced For Trueness And Smooth Running. The idlers are closely placed to avoid slackness on the film / foils.


A. One Dynamically Balanced, Ground, Hard Chrome Plated Mirror Finish, Closed End Type Steel Roll Of 6”

B. One Rubber Nip Roll, Which can be engaged or disengaged mechanically. C. Drive to the unit to provide from 5 HP AC 415/volt frequency drives, which also run the Slitting Units through a gear.

SLITTING UNIT:Circular Knife and Razor Blade Slitting System -Provision A Male Female circular slitting system with 10 sets of knives with Al Spacers for accommodating various slit width are provided. Both shafts use of EN Material, to be machined to close tolerances. Provision B Razor Blade Slitting System is also provided with 10 sets of Razor Blade Holder Groove Roll having 1mm wide groove in 2 mm intervals. The Roll is duly Balanced Ground & Hard Chrome Plates.


Duplex Rewind Units are provided having pedestal type Shaft mounts.

42 mm dia rewinds shafts are made from EN Material With through Keyways are ground and zinc plated.

Accessories For The Rewind Shafts Includes, Spacers 10 Sets Gun Metal Core Holder Suitable for 76 mm ID Core, Pressure Plates, Friction Liners, Springs Check Nuts, etech spec.

Drives to the rewind units will be by separate 5 HP AC 415 Volt frequency drive tension controlled winder drive

2 Sets of Light Weight lay on rolls should be provided on each rewind units.

TRIM COLLECTION: - Ventury Type high power suction units to be provided with Blower of 1 HP/ 415 volt AC Capacity for collection of trim.

CONTROL PANEL OF 3DRIVE SLITTING REWINDNG MACHINE: - Vertical Cabinet Type Control Panel is provided with universal digital AC drive, Auto Tune, Microprocessor Controlled Programmable, Sensor Less Vector Control Digital DC drive for main drive suitable for 3.75 kw, 415 v AC, Winder drive, Trim Collection Blower Operation, Speed indicator, on speed fast and slow, volt and amp indicator, MCB’s Contactors relays and other in necessary Electricals required for the operation of the machines.


Main Motor : 5 HP AC / 415 /Volt. : 1 No.

Rewind Motor: 5 HP AC / 415 /volt : 2 Nos.

Blower Motor: 1 HP AC / 415 Volt. : 1 No.

We look forward to your enquiry for 3Drive Slitting Rewinding Machine.


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